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Choose your pricing plan

  • Base

    Build Your Online Sales Machine
    Valid for 3 months
    • Captivating Ad Creation
    • Capture and Close Your Leads (Landing Page)
    • Unlimited Lead Strategy
  • Best Value

    Power Launch Plan

    The Most Powerful Launch Plan (Digital Marketing Take Over)
    Valid for 2 years
    • Get Your FULL Sales Funnel Built
    • Ad Creation
    • Online Sales Video
    • Hypnotic Copywriting for All Pages & Emails
    • Get Your Irresistible Offer
    • 1,000 FREE LEADS (Instantly)
  • Ultimate

    Every month
    You Get Everything Built You Need To Scale *This Month*
    • Get everything from the other option and more!
    • Get your campaign managed at the highest tier
    • Weekly updates and data analytics
    • Monthly Growth Consulting
    • Premium Branding Package
    • Custom to Fit Your Needs

Private Consulting

Engage with GSG's CEO, Jordan Carnduff: Unlocking Value and Insight


Welcome to the gateway of unparalleled business consultation, training, and inspiring keynotes with the visionary mind of Jordan Carnduff, CEO of GSG. If you're ready to explore the realm of exceptional growth and knowledge enhancement, you're on the right track – and we're here to guide you.

Discover Jordan Carnduff's Expertise: For a deeper dive into the world of Jordan Carnduff's private consulting fees, invigorating training experiences, and captivating keynotes, look no further. Whether you're seeking personalized guidance, interactive learning, or motivational insights, we have just the offerings you're seeking.

Unveiling the Investment: Diving into the heart of what it takes to partner with Jordan Carnduff for transformative experiences:

  • Private Consulting: Embark on a journey of tailored consultation, starting at $50,000.00 and beyond.

  • Virtual Training: Immerse yourself in dynamic training sessions via Zoom, commencing at $13,000.00 and upwards. (General Admission for Classes & Training )

  • Virtual Keynotes: Elevate your audience's perspective with electrifying virtual keynotes via Zoom, initiating at $22,500.00 and upward.


Begin your transformative experience today, and unlock the door to boundless potential with Jordan Carnduff and GSG.

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