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World's Most Private Consulting 

written by a 3rd party who followed Jordan for a year. Under the circumstances that the 3rd party would write as transparent as possible  

From the bright young age of 13 to 17, Jordan ran a successful coaching brokerage, providing the world's best consultants, speakers, and trainers with clients.

He had direct access to top-tier information and strategies from Billion dollar Entrepreneurs and Businesses on how to scale, manage and innovate in way's that only the best in the world did.

His obsession with finding the few things that move mountains of progression in a business became crystal clear.

 He started to wave his "finders fee" with these top businesses and thought leaders to fully embody the lessons and tactics that only the most successful did.

Word spread like wildfire with private and public companies

Jordan started traveling and did the speaking, training, and consulting scene very quickly. He said "There were days that I didn't have time to sleep, I had companies send their employees a questionnaire that was pages long. I read Every, Single, One. That gave me the experience of the company from the inside out.  Needless to say, it allowed every session to be incredibly tailored, to individuals in the company and the company itself. Sleep wasn't much in that equation during those times ."

Jordan noticed that it wasn't a scalable model to keep doing things the same way.

Gig's, because of the powerful demand for him behind some of the world's most successful companies. Filled from 10 a month to 10 a week.

Companies started paying triple the price for him to put them on his schedule

Ranging from 200K for a few hours to 100K for 45 minutes 

We asked Jordan's assistant what it was like back then here is what she had to say.

"I loved that we were able to watch companies transform in a month after working with them, it was so fulfilling. Jordan was so obsessed with making certain his clients got more than the results he promised, I watched him speed-read books, pay for other experts, and learn about that business industry. To the point when we sat down with the owner or C Level Executive. I would always hear the client say " You know more about my business than I do" 

In a few hours, he always had the missing piece to their complicated puzzle.

Even though I was there every step of the way. I have never been able to understand how he saw the solution so quickly. It amazes even today"

~ Ashely K.

This brings us to today 

I'm Kevin and I'm a journalist that is always on the quest for life's biggest questions which actually led me to Jordan. I had the chance to interview a member of the "Billionaire Boys Club" 

I was interviewing a gentleman who had an out-of-the-blue success that was very mainstream, for confidentialities will call him "Tyler".

Tyler was in his late '40s had an incredible background when I asked him about success on the record he gave me the normal media speech. Off the record, he said you really wanna know my secret? 

I instantly said yes! Then he emailed me an NDA and then my body was vibrating with excitement. He agreed to meet me for lunch in his office and he was thrilled to share his secret.

Has we were talking about life, I was waiting for him to tell me when he said okay well i have a meeting that is coming up. So I was polite and started to pack my things. Tyler said Woah.. what are you doing? I'm about to show the secret to the success I was telling you about. 

I plopped my ass back down on the seat and sat back and watched Tyler stand up slap his hands against his chest with one booming hit. I watched his energy level soar through the roof as he hoped on this meeting. 

The Secret...

The most warming introduction I heard was "Tyler" You're looking fantasic, How are you?

I hear this voice say " Tyler " My assistant said you paid double a few days ago because you have a friend with you, is that right?

Tyler quickly said yes, is that all right?

The mystrouis voice on the zoom screen that I could'nt see said

No, that's not okay..

My stomach dropped into my feet. Before, I could reach for my laptop bag. 

I sent you the extra payment back this morning. "It's unexpectable Tyler."

Tyler this very intimidating guy started tucking his tail between his legs with scilence.. I started thinking Holy shit, this Hard as business icon started to stutter, WHO IS THIS GUY on the screen when Tyler said  "I'm.. Im sorry I..just thought"   The voice on the screen interrupted and said " in a loud an humorous tone "you just thought that......any friend is a friend of mine, introduce me!!!

We all laughed, and that's when I first met Jordan. 

We were only supposed to have an hour with him and we dove into everything for Tyler, In only about 30min and what I noticed from the outside looking in.

It like Jordan already knew what the answers were before they were asked... It was mesmerizing and kinda unbelievable to watch.

To be frank, It was so flawless that I thought it was staged...

Jordan asked the most precise pinpoint questions that guided Tyler to the answers that he was looking for. I was astonished and now sort of skeptical 

How could someone do that?


Jordan Said " Kevin ! "

What made you wanna be here today?

That was the beging... of a question that changed the course of my life.

It was approaching by this time the hour mark and i wanted to be respectable. 

I said well I'm on a quest to find life's unanswered questions. I don't wanna take up too much time..

He said " well we got it so I'm gonna spend it with you, so how can I be of service? "

He followed up with "Not with what you think you should ask, throw that shot out the window, what you really want to ask!"

Tyler encouraged me and said Go on!

How did you do that? Like how did you know what tyler needed? I want to be as respectful as possible and please take this the right way. You didnt say anything earth shattering but you asked questions that you seemed to know the answers to. It was like you guied Tyler to the solution.. How?

Jordan just smiled at me and said " your exactly right, If I was worried about saying the right thing, and focused on me saying earth-shattering statements. I would NEVER produce earth sharting results. I would have never got Tyler to the solution today. 

See I could have told him that the partnership he was about to make needed to be revised because of that company's CEO's ethics but that's not how humans learn or process information.

He asked me "What's something personal you are going through?" and I said Ummm well my relationship...

He said lean closer to the camera and telling me her name...

He pointed out a twitch on my face that I didn't notice and did something I'll never forget.

Without getting too personal...

He dove so deep and incredibly quickly and pointed out some very strong distinctions that were there the whole time but I avoided them. Not on purpose but because they were kinda blind spots...

I was afraid to propose and commit and he looked at me and said...

Oh, I see... Lesson one Mr. Kevin... We see the world NOT as it IS, but as we are.

So why did you start the relationship off with this woman with a lie?

I said... I didn't!!

He said don't give me that bullshit! You can either tell me or not.

I did.. I opened up and said I was unfaithful in college we just started dating that week and I slept with someone else.

Whether you think she knows or not... She knows, unconsciously.

You must communicate that to her if you want to commit fully.

I'm thinking to myself.. How in the hell did this guy see that in my face...

He's a nut...

He guided me to the conclusion that I knew all along...

The moral here was he gave me tools and the understanding that saved my marriage and allowed my now wife and I to have a deeper and stronger relationship!

I Was Hooked...

How do I get more of that?

Yet. I still remanded skeptical. So I asked Kevin how I get in touch with him.

Kevin looked at me and said " You don't"

There must be a way, I thought

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